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The t3-developer Blog is my personal Blog about coding praxis, typo3, responsive design and other daily stuff. It is based on my extension multiblog, which is an blog extension with a complete frontend editing: easy to use and ready for multiple blogs in one page. Stay tuned.

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The responsive design Tutorial

In the last couple of month I talked to a lot TYPO3 user who are confusesd about responsive design - a mobil page :: a responsive page :: media queries - What is the true? What is the "right way" in context to typo3? This page section try to includes the big points.


This page section is still under construction!

The free TYPO3 Template

The free TYPO3 template (ext key: responsive_template) is now available on TER. This complete Page here is a demo of the Extension. It includes a complete TYPO3 setup, 3 different Backend-/Frontend Layouts and a responsive Slider.

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